Leaps and Bounds is a pediatric occupational therapy practice that specializes in working with children, ages

2-8 and their families in the DC metropolitan area. We offer highly individualized services during the school year and as well as a summer camp program.


Children and their families participate in a variety of services that are uniquely crafted for their personal needs after a comprehensive evaluation process. Services are provided by our trained and certified occupational therapists.


At Leaps and Bounds, we believe that:

· All children can learn and develop

· Individualized supports help children reach their full potential

· Play-based and child-directed sessions are best

· Activities at the “just right challenge” level for each child are best

· Children motivate each other


To contact us:



Leaps and Bounds

4906 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20016

Phone: 202-237-8737

Fax: 202-237-8480



E-mail: allison@leapsandboundsot.com